1-MCP, made easy.

Hazel 100™ for apples is the modern, flexible answer to years of inefficient, 1-MCP treatments.

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  • Extends shelf life
  • Improves post-storage firmness
  • Retains color
  • No fumigation or sealed rooms required

Experience the future of 1-MCP with Hazel 100.

Nearly 30 years ago, the invention of 1-MCP revolutionized the apple industry, helping big growers easily fumigate and preserve huge volumes of fruit. Since then, not much has been done to adapt the product to meet the needs of America’s small and mid-sized growers.

Hazel 100 has changed that — breaking down the barriers that traditional 1-MCP processes create and bringing the power of simple, effective 1-MCP to orchards of every size.

Experience the future of 1-MCP with Hazel 100.

How Hazel 100 works

  1. Toss a Hazel 100 packet into the box or bin of apples
  2. The packet released 1-MCP into the atmosphere around the produce
  3. The 1-MCP binds to a majority of the apple’s ethylene receptors, slowing down the production and absorption of ethylene and delaying the aging process among treated apples in the bin.
  4. The box or bin treatment is complete.

  • Simplicity

    Drop a Hazel 100 packet into a box or bin of apples, then send it to storage 

    No need for controlled atmosphere or sealed rooms 

    No training or added labor required 

    See label for full directions of use 

  • Flexibility 

    Treat individual boxes or bins 

    Hazel 100 is palm-sized

    Apply at any point in the postharvest process 

    Store Hazel 100 for up to 12 months 

  • Efficacy

    As effective as legacy, fumigation-based alternatives 

    Trusted by U.S. apple industry leaders 

    Scientifically & academically validated 

    Funded by USDA 

Your neighbors choose Hazel

A “game-changer” for quality and efficiency

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With the Hazel product we definitely see a reduction in the amount of fruit we’re throwing away. This gives us the ability to extend the storage time three months, six months, nine months, up to a year.
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The Hazel 100™ bin sachet has definitely been an asset in how we manage storage and quality of the fruit at storage and after. Gala is a variety that benefits greatly by using the sachets and we’ve seen great effect putting sachets in with Golden Delicious. We’re extremely impressed with the effect Hazel 100 has had on our quality.
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We are honestly blown away by the quality we saw after trying out Hazel 100™ sachets. Knowing that more fruit is getting to our retailers ripe and ready for the produce floor makes us excited to use Hazel products on our apples this year.
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After trialing Hazel 100™ bin sachets, we observed vastly improved eating quality after storage. The technology is easy to use – it’s a no brainer. We believe Hazel® for apple is the next new technology to positively impact quality across the apple industry.
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[While using Hazel 100™] we’ve gotten much greater retention of pressure on [our] fruit than we’ve ever had in the past. I’m not sure the [Hazel] product isn’t as good or better than a CA room.
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For all of the apples we pack, quality is an essential ingredient, so having a quality management tool like the Hazel sachets is excellent. It’s extraordinary to be able to respond to those kinds of events by placing them into the bins so close to harvest, whenever you need.
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We feel even more confident in our storage strategies knowing that we have Hazel® on our team. We’ve used Hazel products successfully and have seen better packouts, better arrivals, and found it extremely user friendly. We cannot wait to continue our partnership using Hazel’s products for apples this season.
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Using Hazel on our Honeycrisp apples resulted in reduced labor, increased safety for employees, easy applications of 1-MCP, and after 40 days of storage, a 90% reduction of ethylene. It’s a great technology I plan on using every season.
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Hazel’s bin sachet application allowed us to protect the fruit immediately which simplified receiving and storage logistics. This immediate treatment allows us to get the right fruit in the right storage timeframe. We were able to eliminate transferring of bins from conditioning rooms which greatly improved the process. This simplified process helps to produce excellent fruit condition for our customers.
8x less ethylene production
8x less ethylene production
  • Improved post-storage firmness
  • Reduces incidence of scald
  • Helps retain color
  • Maintains and protects quality
Before and after apple
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Frequently Asked Questions

What size of operation does Hazel 100 work best for?
Hazel serves customers ranging from small-scale farms to some of the largest growers and marketers in the U.S. For smaller to mid-sized orchards, Hazel 100 is relied upon as the primary source of 1-MCP quality protection. In larger operations, Hazel 100 complements existing processes, ensuring comprehensive quality in CA rooms. By treating every early bin that enters CA storage, growers can effectively suppress ethylene production prior to final sealing and fumigation.
Do I need a sealed room for Hazel 100 to be effective?
No – A Controlled Atmosphere or any sealed environment is not required for Hazel to perform an effective treatment.
Is Hazel 100 as effective as fumigation 1-MCP treatments?
Yes – When Hazel’s “slow release” technology was measured against traditional, “rapid release,” fumigation, the apple PSI levels were almost exactly the same.
How soon can I treat apples with Hazel 100 packets?
For best results, apply Hazel 100 packets to the box or bin as soon after the apples are picked.
How many packets should I use per box or bin of fruit?
1 – Hazel 100 is a powerful tool in a small package, capable of treating 1 full box per small packet, and 1 bin per large sachet.
See label for full directions of use
How long do I need to treat apples with bin packets to ensure a complete treatment?
Packets will begin releasing 1-MCP as soon as they are removed from their mylar bags.
  • See label for full directions of use
  • Does Hazel 100 leave residue on the apples?
    Can I store treated and untreated apples in the same room?
    We recommend storing apples treated with Hazel 100 bin sachets separately from untreated apples.
    Prepare for your smoothest season yet.
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