Hazel is an innovator in agriculture technology, developing products that help growers of every size maintain the quality and extend the shelf life of their produce.

Creating something better

Hazel created its Hazel 100 apple product for all the growers who loved the results of traditional 1-MCP fumigation but were frustrated with having to adapt their operation to accommodate it.

With Hazel 100, growers can easily, affordably and effectively treat their fruit while maximizing the facilities they already have. Hazel's packet-based, 1-MCP product continues to be a game-changer for small and medium (and some large) growers, by saving them valuable time and labor during postharvest.

Creating something better
  • HAZEL 100

    A cutting-edge, easy-to-use, 1-MCP packet that treats individual bins of apples without needing a sealed space.


    A 1-MCP fumigation that works with a specialized 1-MCP powder formulation. This technology maintains the freshness of produce during storage by treating all apples in a sealed environment with 1-MCP.


    Hazel Datica is an internet-connected data collection and analysis device that measures atmospheric conditions within a storage or transit environment. It continually monitors and reports data back to Hazel's database, allowing for prompt intervention when deviations are detected.

Our mission

Trusted by industry leaders

Hazel Technologies is committed to working closely with apple growers, leveraging its research and expertise to deliver effective, sustainable solutions for preserving and protecting the quality of this essential fruit. Through its range of products designed specifically for the apple industry, Hazel continues to drive innovation and contribute to the long-term success of growers and packer alike.

Trusted by industry leaders
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